Sail Database

NOTE: We are updating our sail database to provide simplified sail construction and rigging advice consistent with our most current procedures for making each type of sail from polytarp. As we complete each construction guide, we will re-post the link to that sail type here and feature that sail guide elsewhere on our web pages and PolySail International Facebook Page.

Our thanks to Raven, AKA the Sail Doctor, who writes a column in Small Craft Advisor and is also known as Emiliano Marino, author of The Sailmaker’s Apprentice, for his edits and advice for reconstructing this sail database.

We also thank all the customers who have provided us feedback, photos, videos and other data on the performance, durability, and appearance of different types of PolySails. We especially thank the person who provided the corrected version of the Basic Sailing Rigs at the right. If you were that individual, please email me, and I will mention you here by name.