Free/Low-Cost Plans & Kits

These links take you to pages where you can get free or inexpensive sets of plans for easy-to-build sailboats and rowboats from others who like to mess about with boats.

Gavin Atkin’s Free Boat Designs Gavin offers a number of boat designs, including his popular Mouse series.’s
Free Canoe and Skiff Plans
Includes the iconic D4/D5 pram plans. Check out their site for additional plans and boatbuilding supplies.

Jim Michalak’s Boat Plans All Jim’s boats are designed to be built with basic lumberyard materials.

Craig O’ Donnell’s Cheap Pages The title says it all.

Mother of All Maritime Links John Kohnen’slinks to all elements of the nautical world.

Uncle John’s Skiff  Uncle John offers a simple skiff kit intended for rowing or sailing.

David Beede’s Plans  Home of Simplicity Boats.

OZ PDRacer Plans Michael Storer, an Australian, offers his downloadable PDRacer plans for $20. Nearly 90 pages of boatbuilding expertise.