Free and Low-Cost, Easy-to-Build Boat Plans

At PolySail International, one of our goals is to make sailing and rowing more accessible and more affordable to the general public. Both of these recreational water sports are environmentally friendly and good for a person’s physical and mental health.  We are particularly interested in introducing families and young people to these water sports, given recent reports about the state of our citizens’ health.

This page will link you to a number of inexpensive, easy-to-build boat plans meant for novice builders, especially teens and families. Boat building involves following directions and plans, problem-solving, measuring skills, tool use, vocabulary building, and a host of other skills related to learning and responsible behavior.

We would hope that these pages prompt scout troops, community organizations, after-school programs, summer camps, park programs, and other organizations and programs to help youths build some inexpensive boats and join our efforts to introduce youth to life beyond the TV screen. Of course boat-building, sailing, and rowing might not be too bad for the older generation, either.

For young people interested in careers in boating or the marine field, here is a link to college scholarships in that field of study as listed by BoatUS:

CAUTION: Boats built from these plans are meant for protected waters such as small lakes and ponds with adult
supervision. This information is for educational and research purposes only. By accessing the links below,
the user assumes all risk of use, damage, or injury and agrees that PolySail International has no liability for
any consequential, incidental, indirect, or special damages suffered by the user. To access these pages, click on
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time allows.

11-year old Tristan Delahunt launches his boat Red Devil. Note that Tristan is wearing a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) or life jacket—unlike many of the sailors in the pictures with the free old boat plans.