Old Boats

Old Boats: Treasures from the Past

Free Boat Plans from the Late 1930’s and Early 1940’s

These plans, drawings, and instructions came primarily from some old “how-to” paperbacks from the late 1930’s and early 1940’s. Meant for home boat builders of various skill levels, these magazines featured a variety of plans ranging from simple knock together scows to.ocean-going yachts. We’ve tried to filter these plans based upon simple construction, low cost, novelty, and performance along with our preferences for sailing sharpies, flat iron skiffs, and scows. Only the highlighted links below will have web pages with study plans. We are rebuilding these plan pages from a site that had been hosted on AOL over a 12-year period before AOL made a corporate decision to eliminate free hosting. Consequently, it might be some time before all plans below become available again. As plans are re-scanned and posted, the “live” links will appear in color and the word “Plans” will be listed in the first column . Please be patient. Some of these scans are very large in order to capture very small plan dimensions.


Plans Confucius 17’ Offshore Cruiser


Plans Bonnie 18’6” Plywood cabin sloop (shown on the cover at right)
Plans Coot 22’ Chesapeake Bay Sharpie
Plans Sandy 18’ 6” Double-ended Sharpie


Plans Snorky 14’ cat-rigged knockabout
Panda 16’ junior class boat
Plans Splinter 20’ sailing toothpick with a moveable bulb fin. Hike out on springboards.
Plans Super Sunray 15’ racing sloop
Plans Zipper 20’ scow for inland lakes. Very fast.
Plans Conga 12’ V-bottom sloop.
Plans Corky 18’ V-bottom sloop
Plans Tiny Bear 10’ junior Moth built of plywood
Plans Wrinkle Dinkie 8’ canvas-covered sailing dink, built with a polytarp covering instead of canvas by Dave Gray. Construction notes.


More plans below….

Plans Skippy 9’ V-bottom junior sailer
Plans Chip 7’ 8” simple plywood skiff
Plans Dorette New England sailing dory
Plans Frosty 10’ sailing dinghy or tender
Plans Tubby 12’ sailing scow
Plans Skate Simple, easy to build skiff for the first-time builder


Polar Bear 10m. iceboat. 60 mph.
Crawfish Streamlined iceboat, 175 sq. ft. sail.
Plans Bayou Belle 24’ Outboard River Cruiser.
Plans Showboat 16’ version of a Mississippi riverboat stern wheeler. Sleeps two