David Gray, owner and founder of PolySail International tests a sprit-boomed, fully-battened batwing PolySail on his PDRacer


PolySail International will provide sailors and would-be sailors with low-cost, easily assembled sailmaking kits and high performing sails that exceed expectations.

It is our belief that simple boatbuilding and sailmaking projects can provide hands on learning experiences and skill development that youth and first-time builders will treasure and expand upon all their lives. Families and other groups who participate in these projects often find that they grow closer through this developmental process and experience great pride in their finished products, no matter what others might think about their strange little homemade boats and sails. We, too, are proud—proud of our products and our support for those who learn to build their own boats, sails, and memories.

image004Families complete their PDRacer projects in Port Alberni, Canada, site of the 2013 PDRacer World Championship.


PolySail was founded by Dave Gray, Ed.S., an educator with a leadership and business background, as a part time business to meet a perceived need for low-cost sails made from polytarp that sailors and boatbuilders could tape together quickly and use for a season or two. The sails proved more durable than expected, and by the turn of the century, White Polytarp Sail Kits had been shipped to all 50 states and numerous foreign countries.


Reflecting its global reach, the company was renamed PolySail International and began constructing sewn custom sails in response to numerous requests.

Later, a line of often-requested finished sails was added to the product list.

Improved sail kits offering nearly everything needed to make a sail and get on the water quickly remained a staple of the business.


In 2009, our Loft moves from Indiana to Florida. An extra large sail-making kit option was introduced to help promote family and group boat-building programs.

PolySails powered PDRacers to World Championships in 2010 and 2013.  Andy Linn and Mike Monie tackle the 300 mile Everglades Challenge in a PolySail-powered SCAMP only to fall victims on the last leg of the race to Florida Bay’s tides and muck.

Custom built and Finished PolySails begin outselling PolySail Kits.