image015image013 image017David,
Attached are some photos of the test sail with the boat I built and the 62 sq ft PolySail you made for me. The boat and sail performed flawlessly. The boat sails and handles incredibly well in the winds and also with the gusts.
Thanks a bunch, the sail is the perfect type and size for this boat.
-Richard (Gotz)

Thanks for all your help with plans and ideas on a sail for my old boat.  My wife and I really appreciate your details and thoroughness. Will be in touch with more questions, I’m sure.
Best regards
-Bob Stacy

“We’ve been very pleased with our three PolySail sails (one from a kit, and two ready-made). Also very pleased with the rigging kits you sold us last year.”
-Bryan Young

A couple years ago, I was dying to sail something (anything) and all I had was a canoe. After a few weekends of work, and some Internet research, you folks helped me greatly with excellent sails kits, and my sailing trimaran canoe is awesome!! My girls really fell in love with sailing on the lake!! You guys rock!!
-Chris Roher

Got the sail yesterday, it’s beautiful, thanks.  Now I just have to sand the hull for a few days……..

My kit arrived today.  I am shocked by the fast service and the quality of the kit.  Including all the tools needed to do the job really goes above and beyond good service.
Thank you.
-Art Hildebrandt

Finally had time to test my new sail – Thanks It is great- superb quality

-Perttu Kornonen, Finnland

Christine Cochran: I used my Poly sail this past weekend, I like to think I am very picky about my equipment. I have yet to find anything I don’t like about it. I am actually trying to push the limits of my new boat before a upcoming race . So far my 25 sqft balanced lug rig is perfect !! Thank you.

Thanks for such prompt service. Sail looks great!
-Robert Singleton

Thank you so much for making our sails! They just arrived in the mail today and they look awesome! Can’t wait to try them out 🙂
Neome Ray Hollis