Dave, I just pulled out some of your white polytarp sail material that I have well used in a number of day sails and in the Texas 200 in high winds…just to check the condition. They are as I remembered…perfect with no signs of stretch or deterioration. They look like they would last a thousand Texas 200’s. The sails are in perfect condition. Nothing like what I saw in the picture….was that 3.1? Chris’s analysis of the market is spot on. I know that polytarp for my and our “purposes” is equal to dacron and in fact superior considering my sewing machine deficiencies. Much cheaper and quicker considering the half day against a week+ that I would spend in construction. I would love to see and participate in a head to head test…. but the non believers are not going to believe that polytarp is as good if not functionally better than dacron for our little boats, and , therefore will dismiss it as bias and not properly conducted. There was(is) a controlled study done some years ago on the different types of sail plans on a dingy and it is dismissed by those that do not want to believe… The Scamp Sail was a perfect testimony and proof that the polytarp sail properly constructed will perform and last in harsh treatment in a real world environment. Your work and teaching have given us the tools and knowledge to use the material. Your kits were a breakthrough for me to understand the correct methods and materials for this wonderful sail material. You have made my sail boats a lot more fun for a lot less investment in time and money. Thank you, Dave. JIB

[John in Bastrop (TX), otherwise known as John Wright]