Thought I should write and let you know how the sail works–GREAT!

I may not have the rig perfect, but didn’t realize at the start just how long a mast I needed.   The 10 1/2 foot I started with was woefully inadequate (was in too much of a rush putting the boat together to even look to see if it’d work).  Still, was good for running reefed on Flathead Lake for about 3 sea miles.  Cut a new mast (12 ft) and while it’s almost enough, I probably will make another mast (14 ft) to suit the sail properly.  Even so, and with the boom rather low, the sail, fully sheeted, is great up to about 10 mph,  then it’s a bit much too handle and time to drop it down to the reefed position.  Even at 45 sq ft. there’s enough power to dump the boat (no fault of the sail though).

Sail is laced, lower boom is attached to mast and downhaul rigged per Storer.  Should have the luff more vertical, but boom would drag on the deck (hence a longer mast)  Upper yard and parrel beads are Michalak.  Never have had a problem of the yard hanging either going up or coming down.   Outhaul and sail tiedowns will be refined this winter, namely to improve ease of reefing.   Sail will work pretty good down to 1/2 knot, after which the boat doesn’t steer well (except downwind).

Very happy with the purchase and will happily recommend you to others.
Thanks for making up these sails for us who don’t want to jump into “heirloom” sails (sailcloth) right off the bat.

Michael Seitz
Missoula MT