— In pdgoose@yahoogroups.com, Seth Miller wrote:
> This is a public confession to Dave Gray of Polysail International.
> Alright Dave, I have a confession… I bought a white tarp from
another online supplier. The price difference between your kit and the
other guys was just too much to resist.
> I should have purchased from Polysail! My tarp came with a seam down
the middle, which is to be expected on large tarps, but the two pieces
that were seamed together didn’t match! One side was kind of a bright,
opaque white, the other side was kind of a “translucent" white. I’m sure
Dave would never send anyone a tarp that looks like that.
> For some reason it never occured to me until too late to try to return
it for a refund or exchange it for a good looking one (yeah, right). I
ended up cutting the tarp into pieces and made my own seam down the
middle of my main sail. I did a flat felled seam like:
http://www.backpacking.net/makegear/tarptent3/ffseam2.jpg only stitched
along each edge of the seam rather than just where the arrow points. I
hope it holds! My boat is going to have two sails (main and mizzen), so
one is going to be the bright white (main) and the other (mizzen) will
be the “translucent" white (small enough to not need a seam). Less than
desireable, but not as bad as one sail with both ‘colors', half and
> So now I’ve learned my lesson. Next time I’ll buy from Dave.
> Seth
> P.S. Dave, feel free to post my experience with the “other guys” on
your website along with whatever ‘promise of quality’ you might wish to
> P.P.S. The sewn seam down the middle wasn’t too hard to do, got me
wondering if it possible to purchase the tarp material by the roll or by
the yard rather than as finished tarps.

The biggest thing you missed out on beside the quality of the tarp was the opportunity to do business with Dave Grey. That man should give lessons on how to run an online business. A very satisfied customer.
-Kenny Green