I would like to say a few words about the sail Dave Gray made for our SCAMP.  It worked great and held up very well in some very strong winds.  We used it with both one and two reefs and it held its shape very well.  At one point we were hit by a thunder storm with high winds (25 mph with gust to 30 mph) and we had to let the sheet fly to keep the SCAMP on its feet.  The sail flogged for about 15 minutes until the storm passed without any damage.

I did not realize when we rigged the boat that the two sails Dave made were different.  Andy and I decided to use the blue sail on the red boat because we wanted red, white and blue.

I hope to finish the Blue SCAMP in May and rig it with the red sail.  The Red SCAMP will be here until after the Sail Oklahoma event in October so we can sail the two side by side. I hope to take Brad up on his offer to help fine tune the rigs and we can sail the two SCAMPS.

All in all I love the Poly Sail.
-Mike Monies


Sorry I am late to this party: I agree with Mike’s statements without reservation. In fact, for my homebuilts I’ll never use a ‘production” sail – they are just too expensive.

That said: Dave, I think you are urinating up a tree, here. It has been my experience that there are far more people who talk about sailing than actually sail, and far more people who talk about building than actually build, and far more people who talk about racing than actually race.
You’ll never convince those people EVER.

If I were you (and I ain’t) I’d be happy being a big fish in the small pond of of the home builder people. The dock snobs are going to be dock
snobs and there is nothing you can do about it. Idiots will scream and fluff on the internet and there is nothing you can do about that, either. Let your products and your friends do the talking. I know I am always promoting you.
-Andy Linn