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PolySail International gaff sails power Fatcat  and Scat, two Jim Michalak designs built by Patrick Johnson, a professional woodworker from Wellington, FL .  On our PolySail International Facebook Page, Pat notes, Since I ran across Dave and his PolySails. I don’t think I will use any other sail on the boats I build. Great guy with a great product.




World’s largest supplier of polytarp sails and kits.


PolySail International has been offering PolySail Kits since 1996 and custom sail construction since 2000. We have made hundreds of sails of all different types. Our customer feedback and on-the-water testing in long distance cruises and races indicate that PolySails are durable and competitive with many other modern synthetic sails and materials offered at much higher prices.


Our motto: “Buy low; live slow; sail fast!”




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Instructions for building most sail types are or will be housed in our sail library. Click on the “Sail Library” link below.








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