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BOATS AND SAILS: Customer Pictures

Customers occasionally send pictures of their project boats in various stages of completion and with and without their completed PolySails. We’ve received pictures and testimonials from Greece, Tahiti, England, and throughout the USA. The pictures which follow are only samples to demonstrate the variety of sails and sail types made from our PolySail Kits.

Here’s a beautiful little shellback dinghy with a neat little lug PolySail constructed by Ray Hodsdon. Ray’s letter follows the pictures.


These are pictures of the "Shellback Dinghy" I built from plans in the spring of 2002.  At that time I had a chance to buy a complete marconi sail rig for a great price, alum mast, boom, rudder, sail and daggerboard.  The sail was too small for the boat but it helped me meet a deadline and got me onto the water, but I was disappointed in the boat's performance.  The "Shellback's" sailplan is 54 sq ft vs the 31 sq ft Marconi; and the mast, boom and yard are wood vs the alum one I had bought.  So, wanting to be traditional, this spring I decided that I would handcraft new wooden spars and either build or buy a sail to suit.  Anyway, time and money being factors, I decided to build a sail and at the last minute ordered a "PolySail" kit from you. The best investment I ever made. 

     I ordered it on Monday, paid for priority shipping and received the kit on Thursday.  I was just finishing the mast and spars and sat down with the kit and my sailplan.  Since this was my first experience making a sail, I couldn't put it together in the 3 hours an experienced person might be able to; but it was laid out, cut, gusseted to add shape, taped and rigged by Saturday afternoon; and the pictures taken of her sailing on Sunday. 

    I am very happy with the materials in the kit and the instructions I had downloaded to study prior to receipt of the package.  The sail performs well as you can see the water rolling off the bow and the wind was light.  I sailed an 18 ft Hobie for several years, so I know how the boat should perform.  I will probably replace this sail with a professionally made one someday.  I want to add headboards for extra strength at the stress points where the four corner grommets attach.  Comments: a large, clean, flat surface is a must. Enjoy the pics and use them on your website if you wish.


Ray Hodsdon

I’m indebted to the Delahunt family of Stuart Island, WA for two pages of sailing collages of the Teal Red Devil and the schooner Black Dog.  The boys Zephyr and Yeshe were 16 and 14 when they constructed Black Dog and its PolySails without help. Tristan, aged 11 when he constructed Red Devil, had a little help, but not much, according to Isa Delahunt. One of their pictures appeared in Wooden Boat magazine.

Now for some photos from the colder climes,courtesy of Rolf Swanson. The iceboat, according to Rolf, is a Lockley Skimmer, now sporting a sleeved PolySail with battens.



I thought I would send you a couple of photos of the “finished product” and our first sail.   Enclosed are pictures of my brother with his new sail.  He was very pleased with how it worked!


Thanks again for your help.


Rolf Swanson

Minnetonka Minnesota

Back to warmer days with this fine example of a Dave Carnell “$200 Sailboat” built by Jason Gilbert. This one carries a lateen PolySail rig that probably cost considerably less than a used Sunfish sail.

Steve Bosquette has built a number of boats that carry PolySails. In fact, he made this set of three PolySails for his “ElmerD” in less than 5 hours. That has to be some kind of record!

Chuck and Sandra Leinweber originally built sails for their Caprice from one of our kits. Although they now carry professionally-made tanbark sails, according to a letter they sent to one customer, they couldn’t distinguish any difference in performance. Chuck's polytarp lug mainsail is over 200 sq. ft. and powered a boat that weighed well over 3000 lbs.

Below is a gallery of additional PolySail Sailors.


Andrew Lynn built these Weekender sails from one of our Weekender Kits.  


Hvalsoe 16 with sprit rig


All five boats in the 2008 Hoosier Regatta carried our PolySails.

John Wright is one of our customers. He built this experimental sail from polytarp for the 2009 PDR World Championship and sailed to a  9th place finish. John also used one of our PolySail Kits to build a roller reefed sail to complete the 2008 Texas 200.

I built this monster 380 sq. ft. lug as well as the jib for a customer’s Roberts 27 pictured in the plans at the right.


Gale Weekender

A Gibbons-type PolySail. A couple of moments after this picture was taken, the proa took off down the driveway. I remember the story, but not who sent in the picture.

Steve Chambers’ small PolySail lug. He also built a mizzen for his Santa Cruz from the same kit.

Loose footed sprit rig


Sometimes I am my own best customer. Heres a sailboard type sail with battens and a couple of sprits I made for my son’s Z-PDR.



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