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PolySail International has been supplying low-cost, high performance polytarp sails and sailmaking kits to home boatbuilders and small boat sailors since 1996. Our experience with polytarp sailmaking and with polytarp as a sail material for sailboats, catamarans, canoes, and kayaks is unrivaled.  And, as our research, real-world testing, and continuing customer feedback indicate, the PolySails we construct do not fail or fail to impress with their durability, appearance, and performance. With two PDRacer World Championships in the last three years, numerous finishes in the Texas 200, and entries in the grueling Everglades Challenge and NC Pamlico Sound 300, our high-priced competitors are beginning to take notice of our high performing, durable, and inexpensive sails.


Our PolySail International lugsail captures a hint of wind and a glint of early morning sun as Mike Monies and Andrew Linn launch SCAMP #2 in the 2011 Everglades Challenge. Read Mike’s report of the sail’s performance among the testimonials on the About Us page.


Click on this link to view an exciting video of Perttu Korhonan from Finland sailing his PolySail-equipped PDRacer:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPPGlEyJ0KA&feature=youtu.be
















From step 1 of the PolySail Kit guide…

Tarp staked out on ground.

…to a finished sail in hours









Ray Hodsdon’s beautiful little Shellback Dinghy sports a small PolySail lug sail. Click on the photo for Ray’s testimonial and more customer pictures.














Canadian Rick Landreville powers to victory in the second of three races he won handily at the 2013 PDRacer World Championship at Port Alberni, Canada. Rick was flying a 90 sq. ft. PolySail racing lug that proved ideal for the light airs of the saltwater bay where this year’s event was held.














This photo shows the wide variety of trim and sail colors we have available. Not all sail colors are available in all sail sizes.


Click here for a number photos of sails  made this season on Flickr



Advantages to the sailor of our stronger, U-V protected polytarp material:

1.       Low cost and ease of replacement (Our kits start at $64.95)

2.       Strength and light weight (We’ve climbed onto one of our small triangular sails suspended from the three corners to see if it would stretch out of shape. It didn't.)

3.       Resistance to water, rot, and sunlight (We've used our white polytarp for boat covers for in South Florida for four years. Unlike most tarps, they don't disintegrate in a season or two.)

4.       Speed and simplicity of construction (White polytarp can be taped rather than sewn, but the material sews easily if you want to reinforce edges and corners, add battens, include windows, or sew around the perimeter as the adhesives eventually loosen.)

5.       Opportunity to experiment with different sail shapes, colors, and sizes (See our library and sail database for both our generic PolySail construction guide and specific directions for building many specific types of sails.)

6.       Appearance and performance that rivals "real" sails (While we know of few head-to-head comparisons, we know that you won’t be embarrassed by sailors flying similar sails that are made professionally from Dacron or other sail materials based on the few competitions we do know about. Often it’s the other guy that gets embarrassed.)

7.       Perfect for low budget group or community boatbuilding projects (We are adding a section to our PolySail Kits pages that will allow groups to build a number of sails from a single large polytarp kit.)


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